Lindsey graduated with university honors from the University of Iowa in December of 2018. She earned her BFA in Graphic Design with honors in art and a certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship. 

During her senior year, she published her first children's book called, "Clark & Clover" about a chameleon with anxiety. When she finished school, she spent her first year as a graduate writing, illustrating, and publishing her second book, "Clark & Cleo."

When Lindsey isn't spending her time on her books, she's doing freelance design. Among her clientele is Statera, a holistic health and wellness provider in Dubuque, and Elizabeth Mary, a local musician. She enjoys helping her clients reach their business goals through creative marketing and purposeful design.


As her children's book journey has started to wind down, she has been seeking a full time position in a new city. She's eager to gain new experience and to learn from other professionals working in her field; one thing that she has missed out on as a freelancer.

Lindsey also loves working at Studio 5678 where she teaches different dance styles, does choreography for the dance team, and occasionally helps with marketing and design. In addition to dancing, Lindsey likes to sing, play with her dog, organize closets and drawers, and watch Bon Appétit videos on YouTube!