Big  Splash  Logo  studies

Illustrator,  Adobe Draw 

This design was a collaboration between myself and my boss. We even had it printed on a brochure before the event committee decided it wasn't the right look. 

Logo development is always a long journey, and this was no exception. Coming up with the look for "The Big Splash" at Hancher was challenging but definitely pushed me to my creative limit. We went through two rounds of logo development and, as far as I know, still haven't chosen a winner... but hey, that's design! 

The  Logo  Started  Here

Then   it  went  here

This is where things started to get crazy. The committee planning the event decided that the logo needed to be more "circus-y." So I went into three different directions with that. Zoë (le boss) thought the design should have a wood block/vintage feel, so this is what I came up with. 

Option  1

Option  2

Option  3


The committee eventually decided that the logo was too  "circus-y," and needed to be toned down. So I tried to combine aspects of the first logo design with aspects of the second design. 


This was a long process, but it was a wonderful learning opportunity. I learned that nothing is ever finished, and improvement is always possible.