Statera  Wellness  Wheel


This was one of those projects that had to be redone over and over again until it was just right. The final design is representative of the Statera brand and is in line with the esthetic of Statera's building. It represents Statera's philosophy on how we should balance various aspects of our lives to find health and happiness. 


We started with a traditional wellness wheel using the Statera font and colors. We liked it, but it wasn't unique enough. 

Statera's building features industrial design, so we wanted to incorporate it in the wheel. We didn't like how this one was vector art though. 

We then moved to actual photos of cogs that I photoshopped together. We also organized the themes into categories. Which we then decided to place on one larger cog with the Statera tag line: "Breathe. Inhale Hope. Exhale Healing," as seen above.